Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Parkinson Partners, LLC (PPLLC) provides in-depth Parkinson’s disease (PD) consulting on a broad range of issues and topics with patients with Parkinson’s disease (pwps) and their families, as well as community groups, businesses, senior service agencies, and medical and non-medical providers.

Patient and Family Consulting

As your PD education and non-medical consultant, we:

  • Educate clients and their caregivers (care partners) about the disease;
  • Help clients communicate better with their healthcare providers by preparing them for and accompanying them to appointments, as well as follow up on any instructions given to them;
  • Help clients by ensuring that critical questions are sufficiently addressed by their medical providers;
  • Provide clients with tracking tools for their symptoms and medication side effects;
  • Help clients access all resources and options available to them so that they can make informed decisions;
  • Help clients and families build a support team;
  • Help clients with short and long-term planning; and
  • Provide lifestyle consulting to help you through the changes associated with the disease.

As your PD lifestyle consultant, we provide practical, day-to-day advice and effective strategies for living well with PD at every stage of the disease, we:

  • Offer short-term and long-term strategies for proactive planning;
  • Offer education about Parkinson’s disease to extended family and friends;
  • Offer tips and techniques on how to maintain an active lifestyle;
  • Suggest activities and ideas to stay engaged with their communities; and
  • Provide lifestyle coaching as adjustments and transitions need to occur.

Community Groups, Businesses, Senior Service Agencies, and Medical and Non-medical Providers

Examples of some of the issues addressed are:

  • Assessing home care and home health clients;
  • Review of current programs and recommendations for improvements;
  • Speaking on behalf of the agency to educate healthcare groups, business groups, patient groups;
  • Set up and management of training programs for internal staff;
  • Formation of and facilitation of support groups for patient and for caregivers and families;
  • Training of support group leaders;
  • Creation of specialized training for caregivers and internal staff;
  • Working closely with case managers to educate them about Parkinson’s disease;
  • Assisting internal staff with lifestyle recommendations for patients and caregivers;
  • “Ground zero”:  an inside view of living with someone who has PD;
  • Formation of support groups and successful leaders;
  • Facilitation techniques for dealing with difficult emotions; and
  • Lifestyle maintenance concepts for Parkinson’s.

And more as needed and agreed upon.

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Learn more about the services offered to Medical and Non-Medical providers here.

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