Medical and Non -medical Providers

Working with Non-medical and Medical Providers

Parkinson Partners LLC (PPLLC) believes that a detailed understanding of Parkinson’s disease (PD) is most important among those service providers and caregivers who directly serve people with Parkinson’s (pwps).  We address this need by providing specialized training, speaking, and consulting to non-medical and medical organizations and providers.


PPLLC provides specialized training for home health service providers, nurses, occupational and physical therapists, and other medical and non-medical providers.  For example, some areas covered in the trainings are:

  • Profile of the disease and its terminologies, its course, characteristics, and therapies;
  • Caregiving techniques, focusing specifically on the needs of pwps;
  • How to avoid risk situations in the home environment for pwps;
  • Working effectively with spouses and family members of pwps; and
  • How to develop successful support groups and leader training.


PPLLC provides in-depth consulting on a broad range of issues and topics regarding chronic diseases and Parkinson’s disease (PD).  Examples of some of the issues addressed are:

  • Assessment of what symptoms and medicatiom side effects and causing issues for the pwps;
  • “Ground zero”:  an inside view of living with someone who has PD;
  • Formation of support groups and successful leaders;
  • Facilitation techniques for dealing with difficult emotions;
  • Home environment assessment evaluations for Parkinson’s clients; and
  • Lifestyle maintenance concepts for Parkinson’s.


PPLLC provides public presentations on PD for your membership, constituency, clientele, employees, or other select audiences.

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