Community and Business Groups

Working with Community, Senior Living Facilities & Business Groups

Parkinson Partners LLC (PPLLC) recognizes that one important way to serve people with Parkinson’s Disease (pwps) is to educate their local businesses and community organizations about complexities and common misconceptions of the disease.  We do this through training, speaking, consulting, and facilitating PD support groups.


  • PPLLC provides PD education and training for community groups and businesses, and we train those interested in forming and running Parkinson’s support groups.


  • PPLLC facilitates and runs PD support groups through individual, business, or facility sponsorship.  Your business or facility can sponsor the group, or you can find a sponsor to bring PPLLC to a location you provide to run a PD support group.


  • PPLLC provides in-depth consulting on a broad range of issues and topics regarding chronic diseases and PD.


  • PPLLC provides public presentations on PD for your membership, constituency, clientele, employees, or other select audiences.