Support Group Facilitators

We are expert facilitators and have been facilitating support groups for 14 years.  Currently we run four monthly support groups in Louisville, Kentucky.  The groups we run are sponsored by home care agencies and senior living facilities.  We can: Start and run a monthly support group in person at a senior living facility, church, or […]

Consulting Services

Parkinson Partners, LLC (PPLLC) provides in-depth Parkinson’s disease (PD) consulting on a broad range of issues and topics with patients with Parkinson’s disease (pwps) and their families, as well as community groups, businesses, senior service agencies, and medical and non-medical providers. Patient and Family Consulting As your PD education and non-medical consultant, we: Educate clients […]

Education and Training

For people with Parkinson’s (pwps), families, agency and facility employees, medical and non-medical providers, and the general public: Parkinson’s Disease Education and Training; Workshops; Seminars; and Webinars. Parkinson Partners, LLC (PPLLC) provides specialized training for home health service providers, nurses, occupational and physical therapists, and other medical and non-medical providers.  For example, some areas covered in […]

Patient Advocacy

PARKINSON PARTNERS LLC AND YOU Read The Advocacy Story. Parkinson Partners LLC (PPLLC) provides individual patient advocacy and education for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and their families.  As your personal Patient Advocate, we offer an expert in Parkinson’s disease (PD) to facilitate communication with all your medical providers and to consult with and serve you as a […]