Our standard Parkinson Patient Advocate Consulting rate is $85.00 per hour, plus mileage (for those in our physical service are).  This rate is for individuals with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or a family member whose loved one has Parkinson’s.  This rate does not apply to business consulting with community groups, businesses, or agencies who would like Parkinson Partners, LLC to consult with them.

Additional fees may apply if significant travel or special services are required from the advocate.

We offer a FREE thirty-minute phone preliminary consultation or an in-person consultation for a cost of $30 for up to one hour at your home or other location if you are in our area. During that conversation, the advocate will determine:

  1. If the client fits the criteria for working with an advocate.
  2. The client will be assessed to determine the symptoms and progression of his/her Parkinson’s disease.
  3. The readiness of the client and his/her family members to be educated about Parkinson’s disease.

After the initial consultation, the advocate will discuss with the client his/her assessment of the situation and a written Agreement between the advocate and client will be signed should all parties agree to the terms.

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