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In a Perfect World, Everyone Would Have a Patient Advocate Working with Them

If you have a chronic, progressive disease with complex issues, your healthcare outcomes and your quality of life can be greatly enhanced by working with a patient advocate.

People who have Parkinson’s disease have very specific challenges they face on a daily, sometimes on an hourly basis, and benefit by having an expert patient advocate help to facilitate an appointment with the doctor, educate them and their families about the disease, and bring them options and resources to consider.  I believe patient advocates should be a part of the team with all medical providers who are taking care of a patient.

My husband has Parkinson’s and wants me, his advocate, to be there with him at every appointment so that all concerns and issues are brought out and I can ask questions he has not thought of.  I think of myself as a family surrogate who is a Parkinson’s disease expert.  At all times, I have the best interest of my clients in mind so that I can help them with the issues that can occur throughout this disease journey.  Wouldn’t you want an expert to help you understand your journey?

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